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November 25, 2020 9 min read

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We’re a month away from 2021 and the holiday season has arrived. Similar to early 2020, many people, including your employees, will avoid the hustle and bustle and unpredictability of shopping in stores during Covid-19. Amazon makes it easy to shop online securely, which NPR has shown is right. Between April and June, Amazon doubled its quarterly earnings to $ 5.2 billion and added more than $ 60 million to its founder’s already exorbitant net worth.

Amazon will continue to be a standard for customers to meet their Christmas gifts, but a dark reality looms over small businesses. PNAS surveyed over 5,800 small businesses and across the board the majority of local businesses have suffered closings, upheavals and rapid declines in employment. This Christmas season, consumers have the opportunity to turn the script around and make a change.

While two-day shipping is handy, this holiday season should immerse yourself in the shopping experience by shopping with local small businesses and artisans. Every customer is important to small businesses. Small business shopping gives you a unique and diverse experience with every order that is handcrafted from the heart. Offering 12 ways to support small businesses, Shopify, a leading ecommerce provider for growing businesses, said, “Entrepreneurship inspires and drives more entrepreneurship.” Your influence in helping a local business has a direct impact on positive development in the community. Empower the next generation of entrepreneurs by indirectly helping business skills development, new professional skills, and local resource development.

The following are examples of the best apps and online marketplaces that you can shop from instead of using Amazon. This includes gifts for loved ones as well as ideas to show your co-workers that you appreciate their hard work during an incredibly chaotic year. By shopping now, you can make sure your gifts arrive on time. Take care of all of your home decor, handmade gifts, thrift and healthy living gift ideas by being sustainable this year.

The biggest problem entrepreneurs have in common today is finding, reviewing, hiring, and maintaining expertise.

Search online marketplaces.


If you noticed, Instagram has a new update. The new look and feel of the app features a brand new tab for shopping. With 85 percent of users shopping online these days, Instagram is advancing business owners this season by being discovered and building a story behind their brand. At first glance, a lot of users seem annoyed by this new update. However, if the outlook is positive, users will be connected to more brands and companies that suit their interests and preferences. A wide variety of businesses, including small businesses with a certain threshold, are featured on the shop page and direct you to their website to purchase. Feel connected and immerse yourself in curated collections to buy from your favorites or even new brands you can find on Instagram.


Find top brands, experience low prices and free shipping in the world’s largest marketplace for new and used products. Ebay has your back, with protection for buyers and sellers. Ebay wants to make sure you get exactly what you crave the most. On eligible purchases, use the money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied – and yes, that goes for everything on their website. Bid, bid, bid, and bid again until the product is sold and in your hands.


Shopify is a multinational online store and retail e-commerce company. There is no doubt that Shopify ecommerce software is designed for business owners to start or grow their business. More importantly, small business owners thrive on their simple user functionality. During your shopping extravaganzas, keep an eye out for the Shopify icon and note that your purchase supports a local business. Check out the list of 70+ companies including sustainable products, self-care kits, survival gear, and sweats.


WeBuyBlack is the Amazon-inspired website that is the largest online retailer for minority businesses. This online retailer is your one stop shop for all housewares, clothing, jewelry, and more. Black business owners present their products to the world in all categories and the marketplace offers fast and free shipping. Get one step ahead of the vacation frenzy and start browsing today.


Afterpay has skyrocketed in online retailing by offering consumers alternative ways to get the products they love most. If you want it, you can have it! Products can be paid for in four interest-free payments for up to six weeks. Get approved quickly, pay on time, and sit back and relax while your products ship as usual. One of the best parts is the list of Black Owned Companies and LGTBQ + to help you open up to a variety of new companies that offer unique gifts for your loved ones.

Search for Catergory.


Etsy is the top site for accessing beautiful, unique items made by artisans across the country. Etsy has customized products in a variety of categories, including clothing, home decor, bags, furniture, and toys. Sellers are small business owners, hobby enthusiasts or vintage collectors who gain fame by building their own business. Sort and filter within your own budget and put your dollars in the hands of local families and small business owners. Check out other gift and craft items on Love Crafts and Levenger.

Made Trade makes it easy to shop with conscience this holiday season. Find wonderfully designed homewares and clothing made by cunning independent artisans from around the world. Made Trade respects the products presented on its website and finds dignity in supporting all communities. Buying from Made Trade means providing global, loyalty and convenience to entrepreneurs who deepen their craft and expertise. Not only do they bring them comfort and satisfaction, the site also has blankets, pillows, loungewear and cozy gifts to keep you comfortable during the winter months.

DRIVEN CLOTHING Poshmark & ​​Vinted

Consider being even more sustainable this year by shopping for gently used clothing from Poshmark or Vinted. Both platforms are online social marketplaces that connect people from all over the country through clothing. Poshmark focuses on selling a mix of used or never-worn high-end brands at flat shipping costs while creating a social frugal atmosphere. Vinted also enables its customers to buy and sell second-hand clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Find vintage jewels in one of these marketplaces and create your own personal shopping experience. Don’t Forget To Act To Maximize Your Dollar Over The Vacation!


Tired of trying new beauty and skin care products that just don’t work? BLK + GRN is an all-natural marketplace curated by black artisans. These black health experts offer high quality ingredients and natural products that are suitable for all skin types. Not only are all products quality tested, they also pride themselves on being plant-based and free of over 70 toxic chemicals. Find your next product in categories like bathroom and body, hair, skin, and home while grooming your community. Project the voices of black artisans who tirelessly spent hours providing the best products for their customers.

HEALTHY LIFE flourish market

Healthy living shouldn’t be reserved for those who can afford it. Thrive Market isn’t just your one-stop shop for healthy foods that taste great. With each Regular Membership, Thrive sponsors a membership for a low-income family in order to get the same benefits of a healthier lifestyle. We love their ability to see that affordable healthy living can be impossible for some families. The company gives back to the community and the environment while you build your personal market that is tailored to your family or dietary preferences. Starting at $ 5 a month, a one- or two-month subscription is a great gift for your employees in times of tight budgets.

BUDGETARY CONDITIONS | Grove Collaborative

If you imagined a world beyond plastic, Grove has you covered! Over two million households have subscribed to Grove Collaborative, which has sustainable household items right on your doorstep. Start your sustainable journey at home with plant-powered products while living a plastic-free and powerfully clean lifestyle. You will find products that are all sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly and you will never run out of what you need most. Do you know anyone who can’t kick the chemicals? Throw them a subscription.

BOOKS & MUSIC | Bookstore

Ever wonder how you can support local independent bookstores online? Bookshop is an online bookstore that fully supports the book club. 100 percent of the proceeds flow into local independent store fronts. Browse the list of finalists for the 2020 National Book Awards, find a local bookstore near you, or shop for a recommended vacation reading.

Are you looking for a different selection or even cheaper finds? Try these online bookstores for all of your literary and musical desires:

Every dollar makes a difference. This holiday season is a chance for you to branch out and help your community directly by putting dollars in the hands of small businesses and artisans. Strengthen entrepreneurs and impact communities by consciously thinking about online marketplaces that are community-controlled, environmentally friendly and sustainable. The giving of gifts can be unique and varied and at the same time benefit everyone who enjoys holiday.

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