Instagram Mannequin Helps Girls Catch Their Males Up By Sliding Into Their DMs

There’s an Instagram model out here who uses her thirsty powers forever. Ladies, if you are feeling someone but want to make sure they are the one before you waste more time, you might want to give Paige Woolen a call.

The 28-year-old model from California helps women catch their cheating men on the IG.

Now Paige is on her primary account with IG with over 200,000 followers, but according to the New York Post, she’s conducting her little “catch her red-handed” operation from a secondary account. She slips into the DMs of men suspected of cheating to see if she can catch up with them.

“I had noticed a lot of people that DM had profile photos with their girlfriends on my personal account,” said Paige said the Daily Star. “I was wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they are random DM girls with photos in their bikinis.”

But the fun doesn’t end there. Paige posts pictures of the direct messaging with the men on Instagram, revealing the potential cheaters.

She wrote to a guy who was recently in a relationship and said, “I just thought you were so cute. I was hoping to meet you when you are single. “The man immediately replied,” I’m single enough, do you have Snapchat? “

I’m hot just reading his answer! Another man was flirting and claiming he was single even though his Instagram account was full of pictures of his girlfriend.

Paige – whose main Instagram account is filled with bikini pictures of herself – said she was surprised at the convos she had with the men.

“Most of them either didn’t answer or when they said something mean or told me that they had a girlfriend,” she said in the interview. “Few lied and said they were single.”

Paige added, “I personally think snitches get stings, but I wanted to use the power of Instagram forever to help my female followers.”

Is she a heroine or is she just in people’s business? You decide!

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