The exiles: Hong Kong at a crossroads

Democracy protesters in Hong Kong with passports for British Overseas Nationals (BNOs) now face a difficult choice.

Are you taking the opportunity now given to flee to Britain and start a new life?

Or do they stay and try to fight for greater autonomy from China?

The UK eased visa requirements that allow colonial-era BNOs and their close families to pursue a path to British citizenship.

The move was announced in July last year in response to a comprehensive national security law passed by Beijing which, according to critics, was used to silence dissent.

China says the law restored stability in Hong Kong, calling the UK visa system a violation of sovereignty and gross interference in its internal affairs.

This is the story of two pro-democracy protesters who have to make a decision to stay or to leave. Names have been changed to protect their identity.

Produced by: Grace Tsoi Directed, filmed and edited by: Wei WangExecutive producer: Rebecca Henschke

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