Trump advantages from remedies most Covid-19 sufferers lacked.

When a lively President Trump emerged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this week, appeared on a balcony at the White House, and stated on Twitter that the public should not be afraid of the coronavirus, many Americans saw few parallels between Mr. Trumps Experience with the virus and their own.

A Brooklyn woman was reminded of the $ 4,000 she was billed for medication for her father, who eventually died of the coronavirus.

A man in Texas said he understood why the President of the United States would have top-notch doctors, but couldn’t help but compare the place where Mr Trump was treated to the facility where his 87-year-old mother fell ill became and died.

Nothing about the medical care presidents receive is ever typical, and the coronavirus is no different: Mr Trump so far appears to have benefited not only from power, money and access to world-class medical treatment, but also from his timing of illness. He contracted the virus seven months after the pandemic after the land built supplies and doctors improved their understanding of the disease.

One of his treatments, the steroid dexamethasone, wasn’t widely used to treat patients at the start of the pandemic and was only used by some hospital officials in the United States this summer.

Prudencio Matias Mendoza’s brother, Mariano, died of the coronavirus in late July. For the past week, 38-year-old Matias Mendoza followed Mr Trump’s battle with the virus.

He supports some of the President’s guidelines. But he couldn’t help but be angry when he saw Mr. Trump and other officials ignoring social distancing and the wearing of masks.

“The president is not a god,” said Matias Mendoza. “Everyone has to do their part. This is a virus that comes to kill. “

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