US Election 2020: Biden inches forward of Trump in key state Georgia

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia, a key state in the US presidential race, voting data shows.

Mr Trump has to win Georgia in order to give him a way to win.

According to the latest data, Mr. Biden leads the state with more than 1,000 votes, with 99% of the votes counting.

With his 16 votes in the electoral college, winning the state would put Mr Biden just one step behind the crucial 270 threshold required to win the presidency.

If Mr Trump does not win Georgia, most of the electoral college votes he could get from the remaining states will be 269, which would leave the candidates in an unprecedented tie.

The final vote count in the state continues, and no news organization has yet forecast this as a Biden win. The authorities there have announced that they will achieve a result on Friday.

Georgia is traditionally a republican state and has not been won by a Democrat since 1992.

It is one of the few states on which the elections are now hanging.

What is the current status of the race?

Joe Biden currently has 253 votes on the electoral college while Republican Trump has 214. To win the White House, a candidate needs 270.

In addition to Georgia, four states with wafer-thin borders continue to count – Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

A win in just Pennsylvania with 20 votes in the electoral college, or in two of the other four remaining states, would be enough to confirm Mr. Biden as elected president, unless there are legal challenges.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, must win Pennsylvania and three of the remaining four states.

  • Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said at a news conference that most ballots would be counted through Friday, but the race was still too close to explain a result. Mr Trump is now the leader in the state with less than 20,000 votes
  • Mr Trump has reduced the leadership of the Democratic candidate in Arizona to about 47,000 votes. BBC affiliate CBS News has classified the state, which has 11 votes for the electoral college, as a “likely” victory for Mr Biden
  • Mr Trump had a lead of more than 76,000 (15 votes) in North Carolina, with 96% of the votes counting
  • In Nevada, Mr Biden has a lead of more than 11,000 on Mr Trump. The state has six votes in the electoral college. An election official said the results of more than 51,000 postal ballot papers would be updated on Friday

A senior Trump administration official told CBS that if Mr Biden ultimately declared victory, Mr Trump was not about to admit.

What did the candidates say?

Mr Trump has made unfounded claims for election fraud.

On Thursday, the White House President said, “If you count the legal votes, I win easily. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal our vote.”

  • Trump’s 17-minute speech has been reviewed

Aside from allegations of irregularities, the Trump campaign has presented no evidence of election fraud.

Media signatureTrump’s unfounded election fraud claims explained

The president added, “We have actually won a lot in all the major places, and then our numbers have been miraculously cut away in secret.”

“There were a lot of gimmicks and we can’t stand for that in our country,” he said.

Mr Trump has actively prevented his supporters from voting by mail while Mr Biden urged his voters to do so, and it is these postal ballot papers that are now being counted in key states.

Election analysts also say the president’s claims of Democratic electoral corruption are being undermined by better-than-expected performance by his fellow Republican fellows in Congressional races across the map.

Several US networks cut their feeds on Trump’s speech, while numerous Republicans criticized the remarks.

Media signature“Suddenly Trump loses? Come on’

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tweeted that there was “no defense” for the president’s comments that “undermine” America’s democratic process.

In a short televised address, Mr Biden appealed for calm across the country and again expressed confidence that he would be declared the winner.

“Democracy is messy sometimes,” he said. “Sometimes it takes a little patience.”

Media signature“Every ballot has to be counted”: Joe Biden demands patience with the election result

“The process is working. The count is complete. And we’ll know very soon.”

When the results came in, both sides protested against the vote counting in major cities.

What legal action has the President taken?

Mr Trump has filed a spate of irregularities and lack of transparency lawsuits.

The president called for a recount in Wisconsin, as well as the right of a candidate there who is within 1% of his rival for the total vote.

But Mr Biden led in Wisconsin by 20,000 votes, and election analysts say previous state recounts usually only changed the final record by a few hundred votes.

Media signature“What do you think? They’re still counting the votes”: Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis clashes with Republican Randi Reed

Trump campaign lawsuits filed in Michigan and Georgia were dismissed in state courts Thursday. In the Georgia case, a judge found no evidence to support the claim that 53 late ballots were improperly added to late ones.

But in Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign won a legal victory when an appeals court judge said Republican election observers must be allowed a closer look at the election process.

The Republican Party in Nevada said it had submitted a report to the US Department of Justice of alleged “at least 3,062 electoral fraud cases”.

The party tweeted that thousands of people had been identified who violated the law by casting ballot papers after leaving the state.

Biden attorney Bob Bauer said the lawsuits were legally “unfounded” and designed to “falsely report what is going on in the electoral process.”

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