Why would at the moment be the saddest day of the yr?

This popular commemoration is the product of an advertising strategy for a brand that no longer exists.

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The third Monday in January is considered the saddest day every year. The so-called Blue Monday has nothing to do with the financial environment in Mexico. Rather, it is an advertising strategy.

The reason this day was considered the saddest has to do with psychologist Cliff Arnall’s attempt to come up with a formula to calculate the worst day of the year. It was in 2015 when Arnall, who worked at the University of Cardiff, Wales, affirmed that the climate, especially in the northern hemisphere, the January slope and the pressure to meet New Year’s resolutions are some of the factors that drive them make out The mood only drops every third Monday in January.

While there isn’t a solid foundation on which to back up any scientific evidence that Blue Monday really affects people, this issue has been discussed every year for a decade, which has actually emerged as part of an advertising campaign by the now-defunct travel agency Sky Travel’s Success This advertising campaign, which Arnall engaged, led the psychologist to devote his days to teaching courses on happiness and personal wellbeing.

Sky Travel wasn’t the only brand using this publicity stunt to sell the happiness of their customers. Last year, the Florida Tourism Industry site sponsored the hashtag #BlueMonday on Twitter while promoting the “Visit Florida” message to cheer up travelers with good beach weather.

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