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The book has already been converted into a graphic novel, while independently published variations of the novel include “The Gay Gatsby” by BA Baker and the zombie-themed “The Great Gatsby Undead” by Kristen Briggs. (From the promotional copy for Briggs’ book: “Gatsby doesn’t seem to be eating and dislikes silver, garlic, and the sun, but good friends are hard to make.”)

The most ambitious early entry could be Nick, a Michael Farris Smith novel that focuses on the life of Nick Carraway, Fitzgerald’s narrator, before arriving on Long Island and entering Gatsby’s orbit.

All of this follows several films, theatrical adaptations, and other retelling. Gatsby inspired a Taylor Swift song – “Happiness” on her latest record interweaves lines and images from the novel. And even the smallest characters had spin-offs – Pammie, 3 years old in Fitzgerald’s book, told her own story in “Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter” by Tom Carson.

A century after its publication, we are still reading and rethinking Gatsby. “Why doesn’t it irritate me anymore? Perhaps it’s because the book has such a special place in culture, ”writes Parul Sehgal, a book critic for the Times. “As Nick wonders about Gatsby, readers have wondered about the novel: is this superficiality that I perceive or wondrous depth?”

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• A hidden haiku in The Times recently discovered by @nythaikus: “The friend’s role is to be present, patient, and compassionate.”
• In 2020 NYT Cooking attracted a record number of home cooks: 113 million people used its recipes, guides, and collections, an increase of over 40 percent from 2019.

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