A Fan Errors Joe Budden For Joe Biden, Presses The Rapper About Their Stimulus Verify

Look, the people of America are fed up with it and at this point any Joe can get it. A fan on Twitter agreed to give rapper Joe Budden all the smoke, mistaking the rapper for President Joe Biden.

The anger was everywhere on the stimulus plan proposed by Biden, especially the part where people were being paid.

The fan, like many Americans, is waiting for news about a possible third stimulus payment of $ 1,400. Those making less than $ 75,000 await those additional funds following a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package proposed by Biden last month.

When Joe Budden, who is clearly not a politician and holds no office in any government, tweeted on an unrelated topic, the fan took the opportunity to request her stimulus check.

Although their names are pretty similar, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Joe Budden is NOT Joe Biden.

But the fan must have overlooked these contextual notes because they popped up anyway.

It all started when Joe Budden responded to a tweet that said, “Rethinking hesitates.” Joe Budden quoted the tweet and replied, “No it’s not lol.”

At this point, the fan decided it was the right time to give who (we assume) they thought Joe Biden was part of their thoughts. “N *** a stop hesitating or whatever and give me my stimulus check.”

Then another person jumped in to correct it and said, “N *** a this joe budden not joe biden.”

Joe Budden didn’t respond to the fan, but I think we all hope that Joe Biden will give some kind of update on these Voices at some point! We’ll keep you up to date.

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