After Trump, TIME Claims Biden Is ‘Actually Decontaminating the White Home’

First came the Biden Harris torrent on NBC’s Time “Person of the Year” special. But it continued in the print edition, in the cover story by Charlotte Alter. Charlotte, whose father Jonathan has a new book selling President Carter’s virtues, puts great emphasis on Democratic praise:

For Biden, trusting his instincts and taking out the naysayers is a big reason why he will be the next commander in chief. They said he was too old, too insecure, too boring. That his promise to restore the “soul of the nation” felt like an antiquated hokum in a moment as Hurricane Trump ripped through America, pierced institutions, chewed up norms and spat them out.

“I was criticized a lot,” recalls Biden, “because we didn’t have to greet Trump with clenched fists, but with open hands.” That we wouldn’t react to hate with hatred. “For him it wasn’t about fighting Trump with sincere vengeance, it was Research any deeper rot that could have contributed to his rise. Biden believed that after four years of struggle, most voters simply wanted reconciliation, that they yearned for decency, dignity, experience and competence. “What criticized me the most was that we need to unite America,” he says. “I never got from this news.”

To tell blacks who did not vote for him that they are not black is not unifying and reconciling. But unity and decency are a pose, not an approaching reality.

Biden was perhaps the only Democratic candidate who could win back some of the party’s lost soil with the culturally conservative white voters who dominate the swing states of the rust belt. Harris, meanwhile, brought with him a cultural skill that attracted the next generation of Democrats, right down to their shoes. As she stepped off a plane in Chuck Taylor sneakers, many voters saw a politician who had literally walked miles in her shoes.

Alter noted that Harris had co-sponsored the Green New Deal, and yet she seemed “somehow defied the ideological definition.”

All new presidents inherit clutter from their predecessors, but Biden is the first to think about it literally decontaminating the White House. Combating the pandemic is just the beginning of the challenge at home and abroad. There are alliances to be rebuilt, an economic stimulus package to be passed, a government to be passed on to employees. Biden’s advisors are preparing a series of executive orders: restoration of the immigration program for delayed action on the arrival of children, re-entry into the Paris Agreement, lifting of the so-called Muslim ban and more. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan aims to revitalize the virus-ridden economy – which some analysts say is unlikely to fully recover by 2023 – by investing in infrastructure, education and childcare. “I think if my plan can be implemented,” says Biden, “it will decline.” one of the most progressive administrations in American history. ”

Meanwhile, Trump was a monster:

Defeating the Minotaur was one thing; Finding the way out of the labyrinth is another …

Given the scale and variety of American problems, the question may not be whether this team can solve them, but whether someone can. US politics has become one Infernal landscape of insoluble polarization, plagued by disinformation and mass madness. According to polls, three quarters of Trump voters mistakenly believe the election was fraudulent. After four years of a White House acting as a celebrity-fueled rage machine, it seems naive to see the presidency as the engine of progress.

We found Alter went to the repatriation states and found that the voters were idiots. She tweeted, “You think the voter logic is like: A> B> C> D” but “In reality, the voter logic is more like: A> purple> banana> 18”.

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