Alexis Skyy Says A Man Who Runs The Streets Is Not For Her

On Sunday, Alexis let Skyy know that she’s not here for a man who loves to roam the streets.

When she reposted a meme on her Instagram stories, she stated that a man who likes to stay out all night is not the one for her.

She wrote: “Dating with a *** a who rules the streets is for teenagers. I am a whole grown woman! If you can’t get yourself into this bed and lie down at a decent hour, then you are not the one for me! You all think it’s not cool when a trap is all day, be in a different face all evening, calling your phone like “open the door bae” to the crack of f * At dawn I NEVER could! ! It’s called RESPECT, MORALS, STANDARDS! “Grown” relationships have no continuous revolving doors. Get a MAN MAN SIS PERIOD !! ”

Most recently, Alexis confirmed that Fetty Wap wasn’t her daughter’s father, whom many believed in for years. Brandon recently spoke about how he found out about fatherhood on an episode of #KitchenTalkThePodcast. He said it was a private conversation and it took a week to get the results. One of the hosts asked why it took Alexis so long to ask him to take the test and he said he did not know. Denying his claim, Alexis said that she asked him to take the test 2 years ago, claiming he only took the test after she bought a vehicle from him.

Alexis also claims Brandon was absent and did nothing financially for her child. When informed of her recent birthday party, Alexis claims he chose to spend time in Miami to attend her party. We asked if he contacted after missing the event and she claims he did not contact Alaiya. Alexis claims when the news broke he wanted to be family, but when she refused to be in a relationship with him, he got vicious and withdrew from being a part of her daughter’s life.

Alexis announced that she doesn’t want any money from Brandon. She told us exclusively: “I don’t want any money from him. I just want him to be a father. Obviously I thought Fetty was her father. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen. “

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