Angelina Jolie Reportedly ‘Having fun with Each Minute’ Of Having Her Teen Children By Her Aspect – Right here’s Why!

Angelina Jolie really loves having a house full of teenagers as her six children are all that age now. Apparently the actress is great at helping them find their way around this stage in their life and is “incredibly patient” with them.

According to an insider, the mother of six is ​​really proud of the way they have such “open communication”. This is the main method she uses to help them grow and mature during this time.

Angelina and the kids spent most of their time together at home because of the pandemic, and the source tells HollywoodLife that she loves it!

They also shared that Angelina had a tough time as a teenager. She remembers how hard it was and is incredibly patient with all of her children. She wants you to be able to talk to her about anything. It has rules, but it’s not what you would call strict at all. It gives them a lot of autonomy. Her mother grew up like this with her and her brother. She was always so understanding and that’s how Angelina tries to be with her children. ‘

‘There’s a lot of focus on talking. Whenever there is any problem, speak up. It’s one of the things that as a mom she is really proud of, the open communication. She loves the way they think. She says they are constantly teaching their stuff and she absolutely loves having a house full of teenagers. They’re all growing up so quickly. Your twins [Vivienne and Knox] will be 13 this summer so it’ll be over quickly … her [has] loved loved every step [of their childhood], but that’s the most exciting thing, ”they shared with the same news agency.

Angelina and the boys are often out and about, be it on shopping trips or simply on walks together.

Not so long ago she was caught in front of the camera with Shiloh (14) and Zahara as it celebrated her 16th birthday.


It was then that the fans realized how much they had grown in the last year, since Shiloh is now only 14 years old as her mother!

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