Atlanta Police Says They Consider King Von Was Killed In Preliminary Shootout And Not By Police, Investigations Stays Energetic (Unique Particulars)

The Atlanta Police Department says its officers did not kill King Von and believe he was shot in a shootout with another group of men.

TSR Exclusive Details: Atlanta Police Department officials say they believe King Von was shot dead this morning during a shootout with another group of men and are suppressing rumors that Von may have been killed by police gunfire

While Atlanta PD warns the public that the investigation is open and “very active”, they tell us that their investigators believe he was shot before police responded and tried to stop the shooting.

King Von was not at the scene when the police pulled up, but arrived at a hospital shortly after the shooting, which was dropped off by a private vehicle, the police said.

Earlier reports indicated that police may have killed Von while responding to a shootout. Because King Von was from Chicago, an alleged shipping record of Chicago Police Department officials warning of police backlash for the murder went viral.

While police continue investigating the fatal shots, other rappers, including King Von’s recurring friend Asian Doll, publicly mourn the rising star on social media.

King Von was very close to other Chicago rappers, including Lil ‘Durk, who has not spoken publicly about Von’s death. We will keep you informed about updates.

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