Baton Rouge Metropolis Council Votes To Move $4.5M Settlement For Alton Sterling’s Household (Replace)


Five years after the death of Alton SterlingThe East Baton Rouge Metro Council voted on a $ 4.5 million settlement for his family.

On Wednesday, the council voted 7-4 to offer the family to Sterling after they filed an unlawful death lawsuit against the city and the Baton Rouge Police Department @abc news.

It did so after the government council rejected a $ 5 million settlement proposal in 2020.

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome tweeted: “I am pleased that our Tube Council was able to reach consensus and approve a settlement offer in the civil proceedings against Alton Sterling. After nearly five years, the people of Baton Rouge are finally one step closer to the much-needed closure of this traumatic episode in our history. “

As you will recall, Sterling was fatally shot and killed by a white police officer in July 2016After an emergency call about the sale of CDs in front of the Food Mart.

Officer Blane Salamoni, who fatally shot Sterling at the scene, was fired by the police two years after the incident in 2018.

The death of Alton Sterling sparked protests against police brutality in the United States.

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