Biden Plans Coronavirus Vaccination Blitz After Inauguration

The biggest problem so far has not been the shortage of vaccines, but the difficulty state and local governments face in distributing their doses. Capacity and logistics, not bottlenecks, prevent the administration of vaccines.

Dr. Leana S. Wen, an emergency physician and public health expert at the George Washington University School of Public Health, said she was surprised and concerned about Mr. Biden’s new strategy.

“This is not the problem we are trying to solve right now,” said Dr. Whom.

At a press conference on Friday, Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, the FDA commissioner, states that have used only a small portion of their offerings to vaccinate lower priority groups while continuing to adhere to government guidelines. Most states still prioritize frontline health workers and older Americans in group housing settings.

Expanding audiences “will go a long way towards using these vaccines appropriately and getting them into the arms of individuals,” said Dr. Rooster.

Biden’s advisors did not discuss the rest of their plan to revise vaccine distribution. More details will be released next week. Mr Biden has always promised a far more muscular federal response than Mr Trump’s approach of leaving it to the states, and he outlined his vision in public appearances and interviews with local radio stations as he fought for the Georgia candidate earlier this week democratic senate.

“Our plan will focus on getting shots in the arms through, among other things, introducing a radically new approach, the establishment of thousands of state-run or state-sponsored community vaccination centers of various sizes in places like high schools and NFL stadiums “said Biden during an interview with WFXE-FM in Columbus, Ga.

“And,” he continued, “they can be directed by federal workers, contractors and volunteers, including FEMA, the Emergency Management Group, Centers for Disease Control, the US military and the National Guard.”

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