Black Girl Creates The Solely Drive-Via Magnificence Provide Retailer

Shada by the window

2020 has been a busy year for all of us but most entrepreneurs have learned how to do it to meet their clients / clients’ needs. COVID-19 has revamped the way many companies serve their customers in a safe and efficient manner. Roommate, we know the importance of getting your hair done. Thanks to 24-year-old Shada Monique, she opened Hair’Satility, the first drive-through beauty store and salon in Statesboro, GA.

Hair’Satility opened earlier this month, and Shada exclusively told TSR that she had her vision of opening this beauty shop since she was in 9th grade. The Georgia Southern grad said there were limited beauty stores in the small town 3 hours from Atlanta, GA. She did the hard work purchasing the building in June and had a lot of help from her friend building code. One thing about Shada, she did not give up her goals when faced with adversity.

She said it wasn’t easy to build relationships with hair and product retailers to access the items she needed for her business. In the end, however, she secured a contract with the well-known hair company Bobbi Boss, among other things. The drive-through area of ​​their beauty store is run by customers who collect their orders and drive to the window to complete their purchase. Customers can’t just use the drive-thru. You can get inside too.

Roomies, we congratulate Hair’Satility on this great achievement!

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