Bow Wow Calls Out Keyshia Cole In A Weird Style Amid Ashanti Verzuz Battle – Commenters Have Labeled The Rapper As Extremely ‘Corny’ And ‘Attempt-Exhausting’

Ashanti and Keyshia Cole should take part in a Verzuz fight for what seemed like the longest time, in fact they had to postpone it again and again due to conflicting schedules. It had to be rescheduled a total of three times before the two R&B legends finally managed to get together for their fans this week.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the two artists appeared to be preparing for their event, which was attended by around 1 million people at the same time. Ashanti made himself comfortable in their position and fans prepared to watch the two artists fall.

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Unfortunately for the audience at home, Keyshia Cole took her time and it seemed like it would take her forever to finally meet her opponent on stage.

Bow Wow, the early 2000s rapper who recently hit the headlines for hosting a nightclub party, commented on Cole’s decision not to show up on time, but not in a way that would make a lot of people laugh.

For more context on the story says Hot New Hip Hop Bow wow was in the media recently speaking about the alleged fact that he and Keyshia Cole had once dated without anyone knowing about it.

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In the chat, Bow Wow wrote, “She’s never been this late when I called her,” which drew a lot of criticism in the Hot New Hip Hop comments section.

One user wrote that the rapper wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t make such “exhausting”, “attention-hungry” and “cheesy” comments all the time. The shadow room then picked it up and parted it before Bow Wow had a chance to delete it.

Regarding the Verzuz Battle, Cole eventually appeared on stage singing some of her greatest hits, with users declaring her the winner in the aftermath. As for Bow Wow, a lot of people have noticed that he’s been bragging about previous flames a lot lately, including an alleged tryst with Blac Chyna.


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