Brittany Murphy Is Getting The Documentary Remedy From HBO Max

A report from Variety this weekend revealed that HBO Max lit up a documentary about the unsuspecting alum Brittany Murphy who tragically passed away suddenly in 2009 when she was only 32 years old.

She has appeared in a number of cult classics, including Clueless, who, alongside Spun, went down in history as one of the greatest teen films of all time in Sin City, 8 Mile, King of the Hill. When Brittany died in 2009, the star’s death came as a surprise to many.

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According to Variety, the two-part series will come from Blumhouse Television in addition to Pyramid Productions. According to Variety, Brittany’s death has been written off as an accident due to pneumonia and prescription drugs. However, her husband’s death a year later sparked additional controversy.

In fact, there is a subset of people on the internet who use entire websites and forums to talk about Murphy’s legacy, her death, and who may have caused it, assuming it was really a bad game.

One of the executives who worked on the film said it was a “shame” how the circumstances of her death dwarfed her talent as an actress. Hill went on to say that it is crucial that people celebrate the good things in their lives and not the bad.

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As mentioned above, during her brief career, Brittany appeared in some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time, including the aforementioned Clueless, Sin City, Girl Interrupted, Happy Feet, 8 Mile, and Spun, to name a few.

Brittany is known for her ability to portray a certain type of character. Tragically, Brittany died around the same time as Heath Ledger (about a year later), another star who was in the midst of his career advancement at the time of his death.


Heath received posthumous awards, including the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight, the second part of Christopher Nolan’s three-part series. Brittany Murphy is also known and respected for her role in the film opposite Angelina Jolie, Girl Interrupted, which earned Jolie an Oscar for Best Actress.

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