Claudia Jordan Denies Breaking Up Gary Owen’s Marriage, Calls Out Gary’s Spouse For Not Addressing Her Privately (Video)

Claudia Jordan isn’t getting her name sacked because of Gary Owen’s messy divorce and wife Kenya Duke.

After it was revealed the couple was quitting by nearly 18, Kenya took to their Instagram to call their estranged husband and mutual friend Claudia Jordan in a cryptic post about the split.

The post was quickly deleted, but as always, we intercepted the receipts. The deleted post read: “Dallas TX – I have your information. I’ll take care of you in a minute, I’m a little busy now. You can have it, but you can’t disregard me and my children in the process. @ GaryOwenComedy, let her know a storm is coming. “

Although her message was a bit vague, she continued with her headline: “I tried to be quiet out of respect for my kids, but @ClaudiaJordan got me on one this morning. For 23 years together, Gary had nothing but a ragged pickup and good credit, no place to live. Dallas, TX Your old a ** should know better. Married, not separated, married @GarryOwenComedy, all the energy you put into lying, acting, and creating a false narrative for these guys who I want to be. You could have done it with a vegetable burger and a glass of fake filtered water. “

In her hashtags, she further said that no white women were involved, not Claudia, but Claudia’s friend.

Claudia went live on Instagram Monday night after saying she would receive notifications about the drop of name.

In her address, she not only denied any connection to the breakup, but also stated that she did not appreciate Kenya posting her problem on social media when she could have called them.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with it,” said Claudia, speaking to the divorce. “I have no friend in Dallas or anywhere else who is this man’s lover. I don’t know any woman who is his mistress. “

You can see what Claudia had to say by swiping below:

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