CNN Host in WashPost: ‘The Capitol Rioters Converse Simply Just like the Islamic Terrorists’

CNN host Jim Sciutto wrote a comment for the Washington Post on Sunday with the headline: “The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on.” Who Wore Suicide Vests in the Capitol?

Oh, Sciutto distracts: “I don’t equate the January 6 rioters with those struggling to unite the world under a caliphate through a global campaign of terrorism.”

But he is. Next sentence: “But domestic radicalism has deep parallels to jihadist terrorism: Both movements are driven by alienation from the political system and the resulting breakdown in social norms.”

This fits well with the front page of the Sunday Post, promoting Biden Attorney General candidate Merrick Garland as “well positioned to fight domestic terrorism” based on his work on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The New York Times also kicked off this PR shoot of Biden on Sunday’s front page.

Sciutto enjoyed comparing the Capitol rioters to Al Qaeda and ISIS:

The similarities between indigenous and Islamist terrorist groups are difficult to avoid. Both followers are drawn to a cause that is greater than themselves and that gives them a common identity and a mission to correct perceived errors by whatever means.

For both groups Your sense of oppression is based on fantasy. I have interviewed many Islamist terrorists with a civic upbringing, permanent jobs, and college degrees. The rioters who attacked the US Capitol included doctors, business owners, and real estate agents – more winners than victims of the system….

Just as I’ve had countless debates with Muslim extremists who believed that every event and institution (currency movements, the 2004 Iranian earthquake, the CIA, the United Nations) was devilishly conspired against them, I now have similar mind-numbing arguments Americans “Deep State” charts, best illustrated by the “stolen” 2020 elections and the Mueller investigation.

Why did Sciutto have “countless debates with Muslim extremists”? Where was he hanging out

Sciutto, who served in the Obama administration, reaches out to CNN analyst and Obama colleague James Clapper to suggest Trump unleash a new wave of domestic terrorism.

“I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s difficult not to objectively see these trends continue,” he said. “We have armed fanatical mobs attack the seat of our democracy. That happens in unstable counties. “

Sciutto concluded on borrowed “wisdom” from Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse:

“Hardcore extremists don’t see January 6th as a day of shame, but rather a day of victory,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (DR.I.), who was at the Capitol at the time. In this belief they have one more thing in common with the failed terrorists from my old neighborhood in London: violence is both a means and an end in itself for the most extreme and lost of us.

January 6th is a day of shame. Domestic terrorism should be exposed before it takes place, regardless of whose ideology is behind it. But Sciutto just takes one of those “Murrow” comments from CNN’s daily feed and puts it in the paper.

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