Completely Unfair: Professional Bicycle owner Suspended From U.S. Workforce For Benign Professional-Trump Tweets

Who would imagine living in a time when an American athlete could be excluded from his team’s competition for the support of his country’s duly elected president? Well, we don’t have to imagine. This week, American professional cyclist Quinn Simmons was banned from the competition because he disagreed with a journalist’s negative assessment of President Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that Simmons, a member of the US professional road bike racing team “Trek Segafredo”, was suspended by his team for tweeting “divisive” tweets in support of President Trump.

Readers might ask, “Ugh, which pro-Trump group of white supremacists did Simmons unknowingly retweet this time around?” because that’s how the dramatic “Trek-Segafredo” reaction sounded the way he did. But really, Simmons got the boot for disagreeing with the aggressive tweets of some Dutch sports magazines against Trump.

On September 30, Dutch journalist Jose Been penned a recent (since deleted) divisive tweet promoting hatred and outrage for Trump and his supporters. She wrote: “My dear American friends, I hope this terrible presidency ends for you and for us as (former?) Allies.”

Then an even worse feeling followed and said, “If you follow me and support Trump, you can leave. There is no excuse to follow or vote for the hideous, terrible man. “Man, Simmons must have matched that anger or said something worse to be suspended, but all he did was respond with a happy” bye “and a waving emoji.

You mean Simmons wasn’t shaken by a journalist’s opinion? Somebody gets the cycling team to circle these aerodynamic, lightweight bike burleys.

One user replied “Bye” to Simmons and said, “Apparently a trumper.” Simmons proudly tweeted back, “That’s right,” with an American flag image at the end.

Another condescending user approached Simmons for his nasty, nasty reaction to Been’s tweet, saying, “I like talented young racers as much as anyone, but I refused to cheer on anyone who supports a racist, hateful fascist like @ QuinnSimmons9. I am officially there for everyone else. “

Again an unimpressed Simmons wrote back sarcastically: “What a loss” – apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fox reported that Trek-Segafredo had banned Simmons from the competition “until further notice”.

A statement from the US cycling team said: “Unfortunately, team rider Quinn Simmons has made statements online that we consider divisive, extremely dangerous and harmful to the team, professional cycling, its fans and the positive future we are creating for the future want exercise. ”Yes, the only reason it’s controversial for the team is because the“ positive future ”they envision cannot exist with Donald Trump.

But what? That future will be secured by trampling out your athletes with different political opinions? How can a professional bike team stay competitive and at the same time place ideology over sportiness? How were the comments of the beautiful Dutch Journo not “divisive”? And how is “Bye” or “That’s right” in response to being called a trumper “Brand”. It’s disgusting that a US team would do this to an American athlete defending his valid views from idiots on Twitter.

Trump is president again. Get over it!

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