Congrats! Zonnique & Bandhunta Izzy Welcome Child Woman! (Video)

Zonnique marriage

On Tuesday, Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy welcomed a new girl.

Her co-hosts on ‘The Mix’ announced that Zonnique went into labor on Monday and gave birth to her baby girl on Tuesday morning.

Tiny went to Instagram and congratulated her daughter, saying, “Congratulations on my 1st my LuvBug @zonniquejailee My Gbaby is so fat and cute !! Just as I dreamed it would !! I told you all that today was a very blessed day straight from God! & yes i just loved this video so i had to !! ”

Most recently in an interview with HollywoodlifeZonnique announced that she is not quite ready for marriage. Zonnique, 24, said, “I feel like at my age I don’t really want to get married now.”

“I think this is … an even bigger commitment – I don’t know, I hate to say it’s an even bigger commitment than a baby for me,” she added.

However, a marriage is out of the question for Zonnique as she is definitely open to the idea.

At the moment, however, she says that getting married just seems like “so much” and that’s just not what she wants right now. “Nique Nique” adds that her boyfriend is more likely to marry than she is – and that her mother Tiny encourages her, especially when her husband is on board.

Congratulations to the couple!

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