County Surpasses 600,000 Circumstances – .

Los Angeles County reached another major milestone on Saturday when public health officials reported a total of more than 600,000 cases of Covid-19. To date, the district has registered a total of 610,372 coronavirus cases.

On Saturday alone, LA Public Health confirmed 13,756 new coronavirus cases and 60 new deaths related to the infectious disease. The numbers don’t seem to be easing with hospitalizations either, as district officials currently recorded 5,424 patients treated for the virus, with 21% of patients being treated in the intensive care unit.

The thousands of new cases each day continue a dangerous trend started by the Thanksgiving holiday and all of the trips and gatherings that go with it. Although both state and local officials have enforced strict lockdown rules, holiday gatherings and celebrations continue to mislead Angelenos to interact with residents outside their own households. Although wearing face shields, maintaining social distance, and avoiding indoor gatherings are all measures that can help minimize the spread of Covid-19, officials say staying at home is the most effective way to get around Avoid transmission and infection.

California Covid-19 Update: Intensive Care Bed Availability Falls To Just 2% Nationwide

Last week, Public Health reported that the number of coronavirus cases has increased 370% since November.

Although the first round of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine continues to be used in healthcare and the elderly, it is a far-reaching solution as ICU bed availability drops to just 2% nationwide. Additionally, the vaccine, which health officials say will not be distributed to the general population until the summer of 2021 at the earliest, requires two doses to be fully effective.

To date, LA Public Health has confirmed a total of 8,817 coronavirus-related deaths. Johns Hopkins reports that the United States has identified a total of 17,631,293 cases and 316,006 deaths.

COVID-19 Daily Update:
19th December 2020
New cases: 13,756 (previously 610,372)
New deaths: 60 (previously 8,817)
Current hospital stays: 5,424

– LA Public Health (@lapublichealth) December 20, 2020

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