County Surpasses 800,000 Covid-19 Instances – .

Los Angeles County stopped breaking Covid-19 records in 2020 and brought the New Year just that.

On Saturday, Los Angeles public health officials reported that LA County had exceeded 800,000 coronavirus cases in total – nearly half of the cases were reported last month. To date, Los Angeles County has confirmed 806,210 Covid-19 cases and reported a total of 10,682 coronavirus-related deaths.

Shortly before the anniversary of the first reported Covid-19 case in LA, officials confirm 15,701 new cases and 138 deaths related to coronavirus on Saturday alone. December, defined by continued bans, closings and holiday gatherings, was the fastest acceleration of new cases during the pandemic, officials said in a statement.

As of Saturday, 7,627 patients are currently in hospital because of the infectious disease. Hospital stays continue to increase, while intensive care capacity continues to decline. Since last Saturday, another 850 Angelenos have been hospitalized for coronavirus.

The final Covid-19 count for LA County comes shortly after California officials claimed Friday, New Year’s Day, was the deadliest day of the pandemic for the state. On Friday, officials reported 585 Covid-related deaths, a 37% increase from Thursday.

As the first doses of Moderna and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine find their way to health care workers across the state, officials have identified multiple cases of a new, contagious strain of Covid-19 in Big Bear – the same variant reported in Colorado and the United States Kingdom.

During a press conference, Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that while no cases of the new Covid-19 strain have been reported in LA County, that does not mean it will not spread.

COVID-19 Daily Update:
January 2, 2021

New cases: 15,701 (previously 806,210)
New deaths: 138 (10,682 to date)
Current hospital stays: 7,627

– LA Public Health (@lapublichealth) January 3, 2021

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