Da Child Speaks Out Following The Passing Of His Older Brother: “Loss of life Do not Section Me At All”

We are saddened by the tragic death of Da Baby’s older brother Roommates, who unfortunately took his own life. After reports of his death, Baby only seemingly confirmed this and is now speaking out.

In a Twitter post, Da Baby sends a message to God about the family he has left and is certain death won’t phase him. While many fans aren’t sure what he means by this statement, Da Baby just seems to be grieving in his own way.

“Death doesn’t get me into the phase at all to see my family suffer,” says Da Baby. “GOD watch over my family, my mother, my nieces and my nephew and my mother, my brother. Don’t worry about me pouring everything you did for me into her. & keep me cool cause god you know! Not the world, amen. “

Previously, Da Baby sent a message to its fans about how to check out your loved ones and be there for them, even if it’s just a phone call.

“Good morning, check on your people,” he said. “Someone probably just wants you to call and say, ‘wassup bruh, you straight?’ Do that.”

We continue to send prayers on his path, Roomies, and ask you to do the same during this difficult time!

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