Democrat Elected Officers In Pennsylvania Are Secretly Planning To Vote For Trump

You may know that there are plenty of Democrats in Pennsylvania voting for Trump this year.

But would you be surprised to learn that there are even elected Democratic officials in the state planning to vote for Trump?

They are supposedly keeping it quiet for obvious reasons.

Political journalist Byron York made the following claim:

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Allegheny County Councilor, Pennsylvania: “I am an elected officer. At least a dozen democratically elected officials have told me that they are voting for Trump … but as democratically elected officials, they can’t come out and say it. ‘

– Byron York (@ByronYork) November 2, 2020

Here’s more from the Washington Examiner:

Yes, there is a hidden Trump vote

Sam DeMarco is chairman of the Allegheny County Republican Committee and an elected Allegheny County councilor. Allegheny County, which also includes Democratic Pittsburgh, voted for Hillary Clinton with 56.5% of the vote in 2016 for Trump’s 40%. In an interview on Sunday, DeMarco said shy Trump voters “definitely exist” in his county.

Some are in the upper-middle class suburbs where Trump supporters just don’t want to bother with the social issues of the neighbors and ask, “How can you vote for this guy?” But others are in traditional democratic strongholds.

“I’m an elected officer,” said DeMarco. “I’ve learned from at least a dozen democratically elected officials that they are voting for Trump. They say they don’t like where their party has gone, so far left, but as democratically elected officials, they can’t come out and say it. “

“Look at the unions,” DeMarco continued. “If they agree, they put a lot of pressure on their boys to join and support the candidate. That won’t happen now. “He recently mentioned a major oil and gas industry conference that was attended by some local union leaders. “They said they gave up getting their boys to vote for Biden,” DeMarco recalled. “I can’t guess the number, but when it comes to law enforcement, construction and unions, and oil and gas, these people vote for Trump.”

If Trump wins by a big enough margin in Pennsylvania, there won’t be any lengthy arguments about who won the state.

If even Democratic officials vote for Trump, that could just happen.

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