Democrat Former Senator Barbara Boxer Slammed For Taking Job With Surveillance Agency From China

There are certainly many Democrats in Congress with questionable ties to China.

Barbara Boxer, a former United States Senator from California, appears to have taken a job with a company in China known for monitoring ethnic minorities.

This news is so poisonous that even Joe Biden’s opening committee returned Boxer’s donation.

The Hill reports:

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Biden opening committee to refund former senator’s donation due to foreign agent status

President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural committee is refunding a $ 500 donation from former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) For her registration as a foreign agent with a company that allegedly supports the Chinese government’s surveillance of the Uyghur ethnic minority Has.

A committee spokeswoman told Axios that she did not apply to Boxer for the donation and that she would return it after disclosing her registration as a foreign agent, first reported by the Daily Caller.

“When asked to provide strategic advice to help a company act more responsibly and more humanely in accordance with US law, it is an opportunity to make things better while helping to protect and create American jobs “Boxer told Axios.

Mercury Public Affairs, where Boxer is co-chairing Los Angeles, filed documents last week registering as a foreign agent for his work with the Chinese surveillance firm Hikvision. The federal government has banned American companies from doing unlicensed business with the company based on reports that helped monitor the predominantly Muslim ethnic group. Last year, the Trump administration completely ruled out US investments in Hikvision.

First Eric Swalwell and now this.

Ex-sen. Barbara Boxer has registered as a foreign agent for Hikvision, the Chinese surveillance company that has been blacklisted for targeting Uyghur Muslims.

(Boxer, co-chair of Mercury Public Affairs, gave $ 500 to Biden’s inaugural committee last month)

– Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) January 12, 2021

Democrats need to explain why their party is comfortable doing business with China.

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