Detentions at Southwest Border Attain 20-12 months Excessive

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested 178,622 people on the border with Mexico in April. This is the highest number of arrests in at least two decades.

About 63 percent of detainees who attempted to cross the southwest border have been expelled from the United States, the agency said in a press release. The number of minors taken into custody fell by 12 percent to 13,962 from March, according to the agency.

The number of immigrants imprisoned on the southwestern border has risen for twelve consecutive months, according to customs and border guards. President Biden promised a more humane approach to immigration than President Donald J. Trump. Some immigrants, many of whom are fleeing the poor economic conditions in Mexico and Central America, hope that it will be easier for them to enter the United States.

While Mr Biden promised to overturn some of Mr Trump’s policies, he urged immigrants to stay home and gave customs and border guards more powers to send back detained immigrants in accordance with applicable coronavirus protocols.

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