Detroit Girl Claims Her Porch Was Stolen (Video)

Talk about a literal porch pirate! One of our Detroit roommates reached out to tell us that of all the things that could be stolen, someone literally took her porch from her home!

As you can imagine our good sister was hot when she made the discovery but she believes this is really just something that could happen at the D. India Gardner. Gardner says she was working at the Chrysler plant building trucks when a thief really came up with all of her front steps.

When she got home from work, she said she was incredulous. She plans to file a police report for the unimaginable.

“I was at work, came home, went out on the porch and literally stumbled before realizing what had happened,” says India. “… Whoever has my porch took my railing with them.”

She wasn’t lucky enough to get a description of the burglar from her neighbors and is unsure when exactly the porch was taken.

Despite the initial shock, India only says she can laugh at the situation.

“I didn’t know I was going to buy a porch, you know,” she said. “It’s funny, but it’s not lol. I laugh but i’m mad lol. “

When people didn’t believe her ridiculous story, India decided to film the scene to show everyone she wasn’t playing. You can see her video below:

Although she claims there was nothing wrong with her porch, she said she intends to paint it but now she seems to have bigger problems figuring out how to get in and out of her house since the side door is not an ideal is possibility.

She also has a message for the person who did this:

“Please let everyone know that it wasn’t nice and I want my porch back,” said India.

We’ll keep you updated on this wild story.

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