DJ Luke Nasty Responds After His “Melodies From Heaven” Remix Is Eliminated From Media Platforms: “I Pattern To Pay Homage, It is By no means Disrespectful” (Unique Particulars)

DJ Luke Nasty

DJ Luke Nasty is known for turning the hits we know and love into bops to show up to! His most recent project turned Kirk Franklin’s “Melodies From Heaven” into a little hip-hop song called “Rain”, but it doesn’t look like the remix went over well with Kirk.

We recently reported that Luke’s remix was removed from Twitter and SoundCloud for copyright reasons, just a day after Kirk Franklin took over the Gram to announce that he did not approve of the sample.

We spoke to Luke exclusively and he let us know that sampling is just his way of paying homage to the songs and artists that people enjoy.

“Sampling is a culture,” he tells us. “Sampling is an art. I try to pay homage. I try because it feels good … it’s never disrespect, it’s music. “

Luke has tried everyone from Usher to XCAPE and Tony! Toni! Volume! and says that its only goal is to give people what they want to hear.

“I take the Ls to make sure the fans get that nostalgic feeling. I take the Ls so that the music will never be forgotten. “

If you haven’t heard DJ Luke Nasty’s “Rain”, you can hear an excerpt below:

As we’ve reported earlier, Kirk Franklin took to Instagram to let fans know that he didn’t approve of the version of the song DJ Luke put out, and you know he was out of his little choir.

“You know me, you have known me for a long time. And you know I do some crazy things. But I didn’t delete any version other than this version, this is the only version. “

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