Does Your Enterprise Want a Little bit of Contemporary Air?

The warmer weather and the changing seasons inspire new beginnings. As you open the windows in your homes, clean your cupboards, or dust your baseboards, think about using some of that motivation for spring cleaning your business as well.

The good news for small business owners and entrepreneurs is that there are some seamless ways to bring some fresh air into your business.

There are three areas in which to focus your attention this month on your business.

1. Revive your goals.

Believe it or not, we’re almost through a quarter of the year. Now is the time to take out the plan you made for the year to rethink how you are going to achieve your goals.

Businesses are constantly changing, especially as our world evolves towards more virtual, digital, and more remote ways of working. Do you need to update any of your strategies to meet and exceed expectations for your business and your customers?

Or maybe you can think about what you can do differently to push the boundaries of your business. Whenever I revise my personal and professional goals, I always ask myself: what’s the next big thing?

As leaders, it is important that we shake up the model of what was done before and stop doing it because it was done in the past. This practice can inspire new ways of thinking, new business methods, or new needle moving practices.

Taking risks is often a reward and you can start getting your goals back on track.

2. Get organized.

Organization is key to any business, but good organizational practices can fall by the wayside as pressing priorities become part of your daily to-do list.

Whenever you’re trying to brush up on your organizational rituals, I recommend first taking a close look at what’s not working. Having trouble finding files? Has your inbox turned into a mess? Is your office crowded with unnecessary items for your work?

We’ve all been there so don’t worry. Here’s how to get ahead. Take some time to identify some simple organizational habits based on the vulnerabilities you have identified.

When it comes to inbox management, schedule five minute blocks throughout the day to delete unnecessary email or use rules to automatically sort email into folders for later review. If your files get out of hand, the UPS Store can manage shredding your unwanted documents.

For me, it’s about dedicating certain moments of my day to organizing. I start my day by identifying my three top priorities. At lunchtime, I review and archive all urgent emails and calls that I missed. Before I leave the office, I make a list of things to do for the next day.

3. Connect with your co-workers.

Use this moment to check with your employees to see how they are doing.

Are there certain areas you would like to focus on this year? How can you help achieve your goals?

Working with and learning from others is the best part of my role at the UPS Store. So I try consistently to talk to employees and really get to know them.

Talking to employees can inspire them and get them excited about their work and the company’s activities. Inspiration goes a long way in creatively tackling problems or finding solutions for your business.

These practices take time. However, if you work on freshening up the way you work this spring, your business will be successful in the long run.

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