Donald Trump Hints At 2024 Presidential Run: “A Republican President Will Make A Triumphant Return To The White Home And I Surprise Who That Will Be”

We haven’t heard much from Donald Trump since he left office, especially after he was banned from multiple social media platforms, but he made his first public appearance at CPAC 2021 this weekend.

Donnie was the marquee spokesman for the Conservative Convention and even hinted at making another attempt to become president. Now you know Donnie wasn’t happy that Joe Biden won the White House. So are you really surprised that he wants his seat back?

“With your help we will take the house back,” he said. “We’ll win the Senate. And then a Republican president will return to the White House triumphantly. And I wonder who that will be. “

While Trump didn’t specifically say he’s going to do another run, he seemed up to his old tricks. When he turned to the crowd, he asked, “Do you miss me already?” And described undocumented immigrants as “rapists” and “murderers”. He also spoke briefly about COVID and foreign policy.

However, they do know that he couldn’t walk off the stage for Predient Biden without words. Commenting on Joe’s first month as president, he said it had been “disastrous”, especially when it came to immigration.

While Biden has only been in office a month, the president has already taken some steps to reverse the work of 45. As we previously reported, President Biden has signed several executive orders and even lifted Trump’s transgender military ban.

Now we know this may not mean much to those waiting for these stimulus checks, but the $ 1.9 trillion COVID aid package is still being voted on. As of Saturday, the bill was passed by the House and will now go to the Senate.

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