Dr. Dre Wins Newest Divorce Battle—Decide Guidelines That He Doesn’t Have To Pay Ex Nicole Younger $1.5 Million For Varied Bills

#Roommates, in the latest evolution of the incredibly chaotic divorce from Dr. Dre and Nicole Young – Dre just got some very good news that will save him nearly $ 2 million. A judge recently ruled that Dr. Dre does not have to pay his future ex-wife, Nicole Young, $ 1.5 million for various expenses that she previously requested.

@TMZ_TV reports that although his divorce proceedings are far from over, Dr. Dre likely his most recent court win over estranged ex-Nicole Young. After previously filing court documents seeking substantial financial assistance, the judge declined in her divorce proceedings against Dr. Dre formally approves her application to pay $ 1.5 million for various expenses, including security. That doesn’t stop there, however, as the judge also denied Nicole’s motion to expedite her claim that Dre should pay $ 5 million for her attorney’s fees and expenses.

Nicole’s attorneys were in court shortly before the judge’s decision, stating that she allegedly needed the $ 1.5 million security because she had received death threats. Nicole claims that some of the people who commented on the divorce have said things like, “If she dies, she dies” and “For a small fee, she can go away.”

Unfortunately, the judge denied her claim, largely due to the fact that she reportedly fired her security team for which Dr. Dre paid. Nicole said she wanted to suspend her own security because Dre was too controlling and threatened to fire the security themselves if they didn’t obey his orders. In the meantime, Dr. Dre’s attorney Laura Wasser told the judge that he was still willing to pay for all of Nicole’s expenses up to the divorce, including security – and the judge agreed.

Nicole’s attorneys fired back asking the judge to postpone the legal fees hearing as they ask Dre to pay Nicole $ 5 million in legal fees and expenses. That hearing was scheduled for January 2021, but her lawyers wanted it to be held this month … another motion that was denied.

When the judge rejected Nicole’s arguments, he found that there are serious domestic violence and custody cases to deal with and this is not in the same universe. However, the judge said that if Dre exercised control of Nicole, she could file for an injunction.

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