Dwyane Wade Says He Appreciated Mike Tyson Coming To His Household’s Protection Throughout His Interview With Boosie

Last month, Boosie joined Mike Tyson on his podcast and Mike asked Boosie about his thoughts on the LGBTQ community after Boosie Dwyane publicly criticized Wade’s parenting style when it came to raising child, Zaya Wade.

Now Dwyane Wade shares his response to the interview.

While speaking with Julissa for Central Ave, Dwyane said, “I actually spoke to Mike about it. At the beginning of the pandemic we had a conversation and I appreciated it from the standpoint of Mike, someone who never tried to be perfect. He is someone who has learned from this life journey. He’s one of those people, he’s so smart, he’s so educated and knows his way around life. And so that he could throw that nugget into the world, it was great for me to hear him say that. “

As we reported earlier, when Mike confronted Boosie about his attitude towards Zaya Wade and her upbringing, Boosie said, “I really commented on the situation with Dwyane Wade because I was offended because she’s a kid. That’s really why I was offended. “

Boosie originally commented on Zaya in February, saying, “I have to say something about this, brother. Dwyane Wade, you’ve gone too far, Dawn. That is a man. A 12 year old. At 12, they don’t even know what their next meal will be. You haven’t figured it out yet. At 16, he could meet a woman and fall in love with her. But his death is gone – as it will – like, boo, you’re going too far, dawn. “

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