Eva Marcille Exhibits Followers That Much less Is Extra With These Throwbacks

Eva Marcille showed fans that less is more, with a few throwback pictures from the modeling days. Check out the pictures she posted on her social media account below.

“Less is so much more”. Follow @evabyevamarcille and see why. «Eva has given her contribution a title.

Someone else wrote, “At first sight, I thought you were Diana Ross,” and another follower said, “Well, of course, not everyone can be so flawless.”

One fan said, ‘Yeah, this picture is stunning. No words would be enough. 🙌🏿 ‘and another follower said,’ This is MARLEY !!!! @evamarcille Your little girl you are all over again. 💖 ‘

Another follower posted this: ‘@evamarcille, this gorgeous photo gives me Dianna Ross vibes! 🥰 ‘and another commenter said,’ Eva starred in the first season of ANTM that I saw. But she changed my thinking with her quote from the finale. “Without a test there is no certificate.” I always think about it when I go through it. 🙏😇😎. ‘

Somoene used to say, “Look … sometimes all you have to do is remind her how you deserved that title … Eva the Diva! 👏🏾🔥🔥 ‘and one commentator wrote,’ I believe God for an unexpected blessing on your life in Jesus’ name. ‘

A follower said: ‘Sooooo beautiful !! And we miss you on RHOA; They really couldn’t handle you. 🔥 ‘

Another said, “I wish I didn’t have to, but that’s all I have right now, a 16 year old rapper from Florida. I dropped out of school to pursue my dream. It would be a blessing to have someone check out and give feedback on my latest song. THANKS. ‘

Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account dancing with her daughter Marley Rae.

People are totally in love with Markey’s beauty, and they’re pretty confident that a modeling career will follow in their mother’s footsteps.


Check out the clip Eva shared on her social media account.

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