Eva Marcille Says That The Wait Is Over – Test Out Her Large Launch

Eva Marcille prepared her fans for a big start. Check out the collection she just put on her social media account below.

‘THE WAIT IS OVER !!!! Evabyevamarcille.com is LIVE❗️ Shop my collection now and follow @evabyevamarcille ‘Eva has given her post a title.

Someone said, “Yeah, I need these beaded bracelets, ASAP!” and one commenter wrote this: ‘Girls I love it! I am your first customer. “Congratulations.”

One follower said, “Where is everything on your link, you only see a few things” and someone else posted this: “Just order my jade cross necklace, everything.”

Somoene said, “The collection is beautiful and affordable!” and one of the others posted this message: “@evamarcille, can you refill ASAP? The rings and bracelet I wanted are sold out.”

One fan wrote: ‘@evamarcille I’m waiting for you to replenish sold out pieces 😫 … The Jade collection is 🔥🔥🔥’

One follower posted: ‘Lol. You have a free necklace on her girl. Better fix it before someone tries to get over it. 😂😂😂 ‘

Someone else said, “God bless you, your family and your business ALL 2021 Beautiful Lady” and one commenter wrote, “Finally so happy to see that you are not wearing this other lady’s jewelry.” I knew this was in your future! You go gurl🤑 ‘

One fan wrote, “I love green because I’m an August baby” and another fan said, “Oh my god, this is beautiful love, the Jade Yyessss, but what does the letter mean ?! Do you want it ?!

Eva Marcille prepared a surprise for her fans, and it has to do with some jewelry products.

She’s already started the countdown, and you can check out a recently published post that she just deleted.


Eva lives her best life these days and the fans couldn’t be more excited.

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