Find out how to Make Giving Again A part of Your Model’s DNA

Don’t look for charities just because they’re popular or trendy.

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March 25, 2021 3 min read

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When starting a business, entrepreneurs should consider, among other things, the culture and identity of their brand. What do your employees think is valuable and what is the overall mission and vision of your brand? Our company’s mission is to “love you like family”. One of the things we appreciate this value is that giving something back is a top priority for our communities.

Reasons why giving back is beneficial for your brand

Not only does it give back the right thing, but it can also build confidence and give each of us a sense of fulfillment and purpose. It connects us and enriches the community. Businesses promoting return initiatives offer opportunities to connect with local programs (food banks, homeless shelters, etc.) that can impact their communities by providing vital services and filling socio-economic gaps.

Giving back creates a strong inner culture. Fulfilling your company’s mission motivates employees by providing a sense of belonging and lifelong fulfillment, knowing that they are dealing with important issues. And yes, giving back also promotes customer loyalty. Creating a product with a not-for-profit initiative creates a sense of pride in shoppers, knowing that their dollar is being used for a good cause.

When someone is debating which brand to buy and your brand is connected to it, this can be the deciding factor. Research from DoSomething Strategic found that “67% of Gen Z teenagers and young adults have stopped buying (40%) or would consider buying (27%) if the company stands for something or acts in some way that does not match their values. “

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Here’s how to choose a charity that aligns with your brand’s values

Being sincere with your charity donation is vital to your brand. Don’t look for charities just because they’re popular or trendy. Finding charities that have a deep connection to your brand’s value system will ultimately help build your credibility.

Do your research and find out which organizations match the size of your brand. Be careful not to get lost in the shuffle as a tiny brand within a monster organization (i.e. small fish in a large pond). Plan on whether you want to emphasize a local or family bond or other commonality with a nonprofit that makes you home. Find a partner who is passionate about working with your company and really working on public relations.

And don’t forget to think about who needs help right now. In 2020, as the pandemic raged, our company hired its marketing resources to support fearless frontline healthcare workers by donating a variety of bars to hospitals across the country to help them through stressful and endless hours.

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Seamless ways to integrate charitable donations

Finding charity work that fits your branding model is important so that both your brand values ​​and the organization achieve a win-win situation. Many big brands, like Tom’s and Warby Parker, are popularly associated with pair buying and giving initiatives for a couple.

Think of comparable ways that make sense for your company to give something back. Be creative. and don’t limit your nonprofit programming. Being flexible and working hand in hand with a good cause can only contribute to your brand’s success.

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