‘Ginny & Georgia’ Unseats ‘Good Women’ Atop Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart – .

Ginny & Georgia topped Nielsen’s weekly list of the top streaming shows in the United States

The Netflix original, Seated Good Girls, which has a total of 953 million minutes of streaming for the week of February 15-21, is in the middle of its fourth season on NBC, which has further increased interest in the first few seasons on Netflix. 898 million minutes were viewed in its 33 episodes.

Another title with strong appeal for female viewers, the feature film I Care a Lot, took third place of the week with 807 minutes. Despite the usual streaming pattern, the Golden Globe winner was able to improve on the previous week. He moved up from sixth place and recorded a slight increase in viewing minutes.

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Nielsen’s US list measures streaming on a television for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney +.

As it neared the season one finale, Marvel’s WandaVision finished sixth with 732 million minutes of playback for its first eight episodes. Nielsen said the show was number 1 in all streaming for male viewers. It was again the only title in the top 10 for any company other than Netflix.

Ginny & Georgia hails from first-time showrunner Debra J. Fisher (alias, Criminal Minds, Being Mary Jane) and first-time creator Sarah Lampert. Newcomer Antonia Gentry (Candy Jar) plays Ginny, a teenage daughter of 30-year-old Georgia, played by Brianne Howey (The Passage).

After premiering last month, the 10-episode first season sparked a complaint from pop star Taylor Swift, who described one of his jokes as “deeply sexist.” The line had a character who said to another, “You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Below is the full weekly Nielsen list with the number of episodes and total minutes of streaming. Unless otherwise noted, all titles are on Netflix.

Ginny & Georgia – 10 episodes, 953 million minutes in total

Good girls – 33 eps., 898M min.

I am very worried – film, 807M min.

Criminal Minds – 307 eps., 800M min.

Grey’s Anatomy – 366 Eps., 767 M min.

WandaVision (Disney +) – 8 eps., 732 million min.

Behind her eyes – 11 eps., 577M min.

Schitt’s Creek – 80 Eps., 540 M min.

Cocomelon – 6 eps., 534 M min.

ICarly – 60 eps., 531 M min.

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