Former Officer Concerned In Deadly Capturing Of Breonna Taylor Sued By Lawyer For Sexual Assault

Former officer Brett Hankison, who was involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor, is charged with sexual assault.

According to @courierjournalMargo Borders, a local lawyer, accused him of sexually assaulting her “intentionally, intentionally, painfully and violently” after he offered her a ride home from a bar in 2018. Hankison reportedly struck the attorney “physically and mentally injured”. “

Borders publicly accused Hankison of attacking Facebook. According to The Courier Journal, the post was shared more than 16,000 times in June. you called him “a predator of the worst kind” The Courier Journal reported in a previous statement.

Brett Hankison is one of three officers involved in the Breonna Taylor case. The Louisville Metro Police Department has since dismissed the officer for his role in the shooting.

Hankison was also charged with three cases of willful first-degree harm to bullets into an adjacent squat.

Most recently, former officer Jonathan Mattingly, implicated in the Breonna Taylor case, Good Morning America co-anchor Michael Strahan, said he was “mostly frustrated” after months of protests across the country in response to Breonna Watched Taylor’s death.

“There was so much misinformation, all this false stories,” said Jonathan Mattingly. to explain The public backlash that surrounded him fired his gun six times the night Breonna Taylor died of multiple gunshot wounds in March.

Mattingly went on to add, “This is not relevant to George Floyd. It’s nothing like that. This is not Ahmaud Arbery, it is nothing like it. It’s not a racing thing how people want to try to do it that way. … This is where we do our job, we return fire. We don’t chase someone who doesn’t kneel on a neck. It’s nothing like that. “

As you will recall, Breonna Taylor was killed on March 13th while a no-knock search warrant was issued.

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