Founding father of Black-Owned Bakery in Chicago Buys Historic Sweet Manufacturing facility For $500Okay


Stephanie Hart, owner and founder of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago, is buying up a historic 84-year-old candy factory called Cupid Candies. To complete the acquisition, she is using funds from a $ 500,000 small business grant she recently received from the state of Illinois.

In 2004, Stephanie opened Brown Sugar Bakery, which quickly became one of the top black food culture destinations in town. It started with one location, but has since grown to three locations in the region

Stephanie had planned to expand her business even further. Upon hearing that Cupid Candies owner John Stefanos wanted to sell the business, she immediately took steps to complete the purchase. According to the Chicago Sun Times, she applied for a grant with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and was approved for the maximum state grant of $ 500,000 – the exact amount required to close the deal.

The funds will allow Stephanie to acquire not only the rights to the company’s brand and products, but also the equipment and the building. Ultimately, she will combine the two brands, which is why she all employs over 20 people. Your new role will be to continue producing all of Cupid Candies’ ice cream and chocolate products, as well as Brown Sugar Bakery’s cakes. You will also incorporate some of the ideas to create new dessert ideas.

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