College students for Life Motion Employees Member PUNCHED IN THE FACE in entrance of the Supreme Court docket Whereas PEACEFULLY Protesting (VIDEO)

Pro-life activist Autumn Shimmer

The Students for Life Action team member, which is part of Students for Life’s SCOTUS SQUAD, was beaten for simply peacefully advocating Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation in the Supreme Court.

The police were called and arrested after a woman contacted SFLAction Communications and Market Manager Autumn shimmer, 23, speaking on behalf of ACB.

The woman argued with pro-life activist Autumn Schimmer before beating her.

Media in the area, including Breitbart at around 1:02 a.m., have footage of the attack. Schimmer spoke to police and reported that additional threatening behavior was taking place in the context of a crowd that included about 5 percent pro-life advocates and 95 percent abortion advocates.

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Schimmer held a sign that read, “I can’t believe these ‘feminists’ are protesting against a woman.” For that she was attacked.

The woman who hit her fled into the crowd. This is typical violent behavior by trained left-wing activists.

Here is the video.

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