FOX Information Shifting Martha MacCallum To 3PM Slot

At FOX News there is a change coming. Now that they have an impact on their ratings, they are trying to make changes.

Martha MacCallum will be removed from the 7pm slot and moved to 3pm.

The 7pm slot will now be a conservative opinion show.

MSN reports:

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Under pressure from ratings, Fox News replaced the 7 p.m. news with opinions

The conservative network, usually the dominant leader among cable news viewers, has seen CNN and MSNBC outperform it in Nielsen ratings for many hours of the day since the November 3rd election. The network, which had its best year in 2020, was a distant third last week while reporting on the pro-Trump uprising at the Capitol and its aftermath.

Fox News executives announced back in the fall that they would make changes to the daily schedule after the election was over. The changes will take effect on January 18th.

Television news organizations and networks typically make staff changes when a new White House administration joins them. CNN also announced changes to its lineup on Monday.

The main change for Fox News is the move of “The Story With Martha MacCallum” out of the 7pm Eastern time slot to make way for a new opinion show tentatively named “Fox News Primetime,” which will have a rotating group of hosts becomes .

MacCallum’s programming, which included interviews with news creators and commentators, airs at 3 p.m. Eastern. Audiences on “The Story” had plummeted in recent months when Newsmax, a competing right-wing channel, and its host Greg Kelly won viewers in an hour.

Who could have seen this coming?

Fox update: @marthamaccallum & their 7pm show ratings dropped so badly that @FoxNews was just downgrading them to 3pm.

Congratulations to @gregkellyusa.

– Emerald Robinson @ (@EmeraldRobinson) January 11, 2021

There’s a lot of fallout going on at @FoxNews today due to their rating death spiral: @BillHemmer & @DanaPerino are now stuck together at 9am.

Hemmer hosted the show at 3 p.m. Perino hosted the show at 2pm.

And @marthamaccallum lost their slot at 7pm.

The NeverTrumpers are minimized.

– Emerald Robinson @ (@EmeraldRobinson) January 11, 2021

The fact that MacCallum is being replaced by a conservative opinion show is very telling.

Will it work?

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