Fox Wins Networks, However ‘Shark Tank’ Tops Exhibits – .

ABC’s Shark Tank was again the overall winner on Friday night among the shows, scoring a value of 0.6 with 4218 and the largest P2 + audience. However, it wasn’t enough to beat the network averages where Fox won the crown.

Baseball has long been considered a national pastime. But if we were to judge this status based solely on TV ratings, wrestling would have a strong argument. Fox bounced back from a World Series that brought record lows to the table and saw a strong performance from the WWE wrestling of Perennial Kings. The WWE Friday Night SmackDown got the same score as the network for its two-hour slot at 0.6.

ABC’s Shark Tank was followed by 20/20 and drew a 0.5 to investigate the hunt for the Golden State Killer.

On NBC, a rerun of American Ninja Warrior came at 0.3, with Dateline’s segment in a woman’s search for her mother rising to 0.4.

CBS saw its biggest #AtHome videos at 0.4, with a Deciders: CBS News special dropping to 0.2, followed by a rerun of Blue Bloods.

The CW saw that the 13 Scariest Movies of All Time were rated 0.2, followed by a brand new Funniest Animals in the world at 0.1.

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