French Movie Academy Units New Management After César Awards Controversy – .

After a backlash among its members and the resignation of the Board of Directors and the President earlier this year, the French Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma has taken on new leadership. At a general assembly today, the Académie, which awards the country’s César Awards, elected former CNC and Arte boss Véronique Cayla as president and the co-director of Intouchables, Éric Toledano, as vice-president. They will hold their positions for a two-year term.

The duo replace Margaret Menegoz, who was interim president after Alain Terzian’s departure in February. Terzian left the company amid mounting controversy following this year’s César nominations, in which Roman Polanski’s An Officer And A Spy starred at age 12. The film eventually won three awards at the protested ceremony.

César Awards: Roman Polanski wins strong reaction; Adèle Haenel leaves the ceremony

Before the award ceremony, the film organization was questioned as “elitist and closed” by around 200 artists who said they had “no voice” in the way the organization worked. They called for a “thorough overhaul” of the forms of government of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema, which administers the Académie, “and the democratic operations that govern it”. At that time, the organization said it was taking measures to “modernize” the Césars and making efforts to compensate for the 65% male electoral body at the time.

Cayla and Toledano thanked the members today and said they were “determined to work with each of them to invent a new model for the Césars that is collective, imaginative, modern, permeated with cinema, but also adapted to current hygienic constraints “. They also expressed their intention to continue the work started by Menegoz “by consistently meeting the expectations of parity, diversity of transparency and democracy”.

Today the Académie elected 42 representatives to the 21 branches, which together with Cayla and Toledano will form the new board (see below).

Marina Fois, Antoine Reinartz – acting department
Pascale Ferran, Cédric Klapisch – director
Olivier Gorce, Julier Peyr – writing department
Gréco Casadesus, Marie Sabbah – music department
Catherine Boisgontier, Pierre-Yves Gayraud – Costume Department
Chloé CAMBOURNAC – Laurent TESSEYRE in the decoration industry,
Bertrand Collard, Sophie Reine – editorial branch
Yves Cape, Jeanne Lapoirie – Cinematography Branch
Lucien Balibar, Claudine Nougaret – sound department
Chantal Leothier, Christophe Oliveira – hair and make-up branch
Roxane Fechner, Matthias Weber – special effects industry
Nathalie Chéron, Daniel Delume – Other technical department
Alain Attal, Marie-Ange Luciani – production line
Sébastien Cauchon, Elisabeth Tanner – Agent & Publicity Branch
Danièla Eltsner, Alexandre Mallet-Guy – Sales and Exhibition Department
Christine Beauchemin-Flot, Richard Patry – Theater exhibition branch
Marc Du Pontavice, Pascale Faure – Animation branch
Rebecca Houzel, William Jéhannin – Documentary
Justin Pechberty, Pauline Seigland – short film department
Didier Diaz, Sophie Frilley – Technical Industry Branch
Frédérique Bredin, Vincent Tolédano – Associated Professions Branch

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