FTC Could File Antitrust Lawsuit In opposition to Fb by December: WashPost

The Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google in October, and it seems like Facebook could be the next big tech company to stand trial.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and several attorneys general are currently investigating a possible antitrust lawsuit against Facebook and could file the lawsuit within the next few months, according to The Washington Post (The Post).

“As the state and federal probes move into their final stages, investigators have been researching how Instagram and WhatsApp have changed in the years since Facebook bought it,” three anonymous sources told The Post.

At this point, no official decision has been made on the case, and investigations may still “change their thinking,” according to The Post.

However, according to reports, the Post’s sources agreed that the attorneys general, who opened their investigation last year, led by Letitia James (D) of New York, are on track to file a lawsuit in early December. Nearly 40 states, led by Democratic and Republican enforcers, have expressed an interest in signing the case, according to those familiar with the effort, who said some heads of state discussed the matter in private on Wednesday. “

The FTC and attorneys general have also failed to disclose the charges against Facebook. According to reports, the investigators are “examining the way Facebook manages its vast inventory of user data and the policies that determine when and how third-party app developers and other companies can access it – and pinpoint the potential of the three Sources said for upcoming state and federal complaints alleging that Facebook armed its most precious assets to stamp out emerging rivals. “

The FTC’s investigation into Facebook’s practices was first released in September and could be the next step in getting big tech up to speed.

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