Future Accused Of Offering Fraudulent Data In Baby Help Case-Claims He Lives In A 2 Mattress 2 Tub House In Atlanta & Doesn’t Personal Any Jewellery (Unique)

TSR Exclusive: Phew! If Eliza Reign gets that child support check from Future, he’ll be sure to get her to work for it. As their battle to keep the children going, we have exclusive reports that Eliza’s attorney filed a motion to despise Future in court for allegedly fraudulent information about his finances.

Future is accused of trying to downplay his lavish lifestyle in court in order to minimize the amount of child support he has to pay Eliza for her 1 year old daughter. According to court records, Future testified in court that he lives in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Atlanta and is unsure whether he rents or owns the property because he said he let his “business manager do all of my business” .

In addition to Future’s claim that he doesn’t know how much the house is worth, Eliza’s attorney dug up and said he found out that Future was actually in a five-bedroom, seven-and-a-half bath villa on 1.69 acres lives.

According to the records, Eliza’s attorney found through independent investigation that the home was purchased by Tre’on Investments LLC for $ 2.3 million in December 2016. Eliza’s attorney stated that Tre’on Investments is a Georgia company whose CEO happens to be Future’s sister, Tiwanna Wilburn, and whose CFO is Future’s mother, Stephanie Jester.

And the contact person in the rental agreement for the property manager? According to Eliza’s attorney, this happens to be Future’s assistant, Felicia Magama.

But in addition to Future, who allegedly lies about where he lives, Eliza’s attorney Brandon Rotbart alleges that Future has presented the court with a forged rental document that Rotbart sees as a reason to despise him.

In other instances where Future has testified, the documents have shown that Future claims not to own jewelry and that he is not making money on his music during the pandemic while claiming not to know the status of his contracts.

Here are some excerpts from one of Future’s recent testimonials:

Red beard: Okay. In the past three months, have you done anything to make money because your lawyer said you didn’t give concerts? Did you do anything else?

future: No.

Red beard: So you haven’t released any music in the last three months?

future: You said something to make money. That doesn’t mean that I’m making money. It was a commitment that was already on the menu.

Red beard: Have you released any music in the last three months?

future: I publish music every day.

Red beard: And do you make money with these music releases?

future: No.

Red beard: How do you make money if you don’t make money from music releases?

Lawyer of the future: I will object. He has already testified –

Judge: Oversteered.

Red beard: So do you have the contracts that pay you?

future: No. I have contracts in which I have already signed certain things. I don’t get paid every time my music is played.

Red beard: And who are these contracts with?

future: I dont know.

Judge: Please wait. Sir, are you trying to tell me you don’t know who your contracts are with for your music?

Future: At this point in time, certain deals could be completed and certain deals could continue.

Judge: Then give us the names of the people you have them with.

future: Epic.

Red beard: Epic. Anyone else?

future: That’s it.

Red beard: Okay. And how much does this contract with Epic pay you?

future: I’m not sure.

Red beard: Do you have any ideas? Can you guess?

future: I dont know.

If Future is found to be despised in court, Eliza’s team will seek monthly maintenance payments of $ 53,000, on top of legal fees, plus a letter of apology and a substantial donation to a deserving charity of the court’s choice.

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