Future Reveals Off Dess Dior’s Diamond Earring On Instagram

The future still has a boo! He has been on the street with rapper Dess Dior since the end of October. They were spotted in public with matching backgrounds, and they were even seen shopping together. The roommates had mixed reactions to both being discovered.

Earlier this month in Atlanta, GA, Dess was seen partying with an Audemars Piguet (AP) watch on her wrist as she celebrated her twenty-second birthday and her single for “Rich Bi ** h.” The future was there too, but at this point the two of them didn’t post each other. As we know

Future loves to pamper the women in his life and when you see her with the AP you know it’s real.

In the past it was known that Future would give the woman an AP watch in his life. A mother of his children, Joie Chaves, was seen flexing her mother in 2019. His other child’s mother, Brittni, also posted her watch collection on Instagram, including her AP and others.

Earlier today, Dess recorded their Instagram story and shared a picture of them that looks very cozy. In the Boomerang video, she gave Future kissing faces while he held up his middle finger. Lots of people walked into The Shade Room to comment on why Future didn’t ask her as often as she posts it. Well, next, Future shares a video of Dess’ giant diamond earring entitled, “It’s the clarity to me.”

Now if you break down the definition of clarity, Future was spot on! Clarity is the quality of transparency or purity. So we know diamond earrings weren’t cheap. This new relationship looks promising and would benefit Dess’ rap career.

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