Grownup Movie Star Claims Lil Child Paid Her $6,000 To Sleep With Her, Lil Child Denies All Allegations

After an extravagant birthday weekend among loved ones, Lil Baby Monday took a sharp turn when an adult movie star accused the rapper of sleeping with her and blew up his place on Twitter.

Chile, what a ripple effect it had, because once Ms. London, a Vegas-based porn star, aired it off, Lil Baby, his boo Jayda Cheaves and his other baby mom Ayesha had a few things to say.

The first thing Ms. London claimed was that she was drunk and got a little sloppy from spilling tea on her bedroom rendezvous.

She revealed that she had sex with a rapper who paid her a couple of bands and called anything but Lil Baby.

“Ok, I’m home 6K richer and full of 1942,” Ms. London tweeted. “Don’t drop names, but Jayda will never leave this man,” she said of Lil baby’s girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, Jayda Cheaves.

She even claimed Lil Baby had them recorded, but those receipts were the ones she probably wouldn’t post on the internet.

However, she shared an alleged message exchange between her and baby that made it appear like he was mad at her for spilling the tea.

“What’s the point of paying if you do all of this !! You’re fucking in the game !! If I pay for p *** y, you should talk about it, ”was one of the alleged messages from Baby. “That’s a bad business mother.”

It wasn’t long before Lil Baby took to Twitter to defend his good name.

Remember, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of stepping on Jayda, hence a previous breakup and a lot of past drama. People have been known to criticize Jayda for staying with someone who cheated on her, but she rarely engages with those who are trying to troll her.

Jayda’s alleged response to all of this was just a tweet of emojis suggesting she was sick.

Then Lil baby’s eldest son’s mother decided to add her two cents to the drama and talked about the allegations.

Things got kind of mixed up after Lil Baby claimed Jayda was his alibi for the weekend.

We’ll keep you up to date.

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