Halle Berry Has Nice Response To Hater Saying She ‘Can’t Preserve A Man!’

One social media user found it ok to judge Halle Berry‘s personal life, so she quickly clapped back with the perfect answer! The troll seemed to believe that for all her best efforts to “keep” her, the actress is often dumped by her partners, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It all started when Halle, a very successful actress and proud mother, posted a picture of her in a t-shirt that said “Women don’t owe you anything”.

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Of course, many of their fans appreciated the message, but of course not all could agree!

As a result, there was also one among the positive comments from a hater who seemed to believe that her stance on the matter prevented Halle from keeping a man by her side!

“With all your accomplishments, fame and beauty, it still seems like you can’t keep a man,” read part of the comment.

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The actress, who was married three times, was definitely not delighted to hear this, so she did the best she could!

“Who said I wanted to keep her? I care about living your best life. If you take the wrong step, correct the course and answer and start again! ‘She wrote with positivity at the center of their exchanges rather than starting a war of words on the platform.

Many of their followers loved the answer as much as they loved the original post, which was also praised by other stars!

For example, Tia Mowry commented on “Word” while Chrissy Teigen wrote, “Okay, we’re going !!!”

This is not the first time Halle’s personal life has been criticized.

In fact, not long ago another troll suggested she was “bad in bed!”

Halle had another great answer and simply said, “Ask my husband [Van Hunt] He will tell you everything you need to know. ‘

The two have been together for a few months now and they seem really happy.


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