‘HAM-HEADED’: Liberal Buddies Rush to Defend CNN’s Brian Stelter from ‘Imply’ Fox Mockery

RedState’s sister Toldjah recorded the sad story of Justin Baragona and rushed to defend CNN host Brian Stelter, who was mocked by Kennedy on Fox News but didn’t seem to be working hard enough to transcribe it for Twitter.

Outnumbered Tuesday, they discussed how Stelter started his show on Sunday by comparing the “radicalization” of Trump’s “Stop the Steal” and QAnon supporters to ISIS terrorists:

STELTER: This is a radicalization process. It often comes in the coverage of terrorism. That is usually the context in which you hear this word. We ask how ISIS members were radicalized. How were the shooters radicalized in El Paso, Orlando or Las Vegas? Very often the answer is the internet. The digital land of faith.

It’s okay to be against wild, unfounded conspiracy theories. But Stelter suggested back in March that it was a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was liberal. And when it came to unsubstantiated allegations of Trump’s collusion with Russia, Stelter lamely argued that he was a media reporter, not a Steele dossier reporter.

Liberal outrage was fueled when Kennedy said, “Back to Brian Stelter, I’m going to steal a line from Stephen Miller. Taters become tater. He could be.” the most straightforward analyst in the history of media analysis. Not only does he have ham fists, he has ham heads. “

Baragona misquoted it:

During a Fox News segment complaining about how wicked and unfair the media are to Conservatives, Kennedy literally compares Brian Stelter to a potato, calls him the “most despicable” media analyst in history, and says, “He’s not only with ham fists, it is him. ” Ham head. “pic.twitter.com/LnRRoJYy4C

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) December 22, 2020

The word “despicable” is what came up in our own subtitling, but we try to check the transcript for what is on tape. Baragona was quick to write it for The Daily Beast tabloid.

Washington Post’s Jeremy Barr (formerly The Hollywood Reporter) – another member of that pro-Stelter Twitter group – also rushed to the defense:

Brian Stelter has no need to defend, but I’m surprised Fox News officials put up with bullying the hosts in the schoolyard. I know Sean Hannity thinks it’s very funny calling him “humpty dumpty” and sending Tucker Carlson donuts as a fat joke, but .. https://t.co/FBOEgprGmd

– Jeremy Barr (@jeremymbarr) December 22, 2020

Barr is so pro-CNN that he once tried to claim that Chris Cuomo was a perfectly posed centrist in an “ideological no man’s land” between Hannity and Maddow. He also went to Fox’s Bret Baier.

Stelter himself applauded Baragona’s alleged drive in his defense:

A + Headline: “Fox News Complains Media Is Mean To Conservatives, Then Liken CNN Host To A Potato” https://t.co/uMrHFX5V9G

– Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) December 22, 2020

Baragona noted that Stephen “Redsteeze” Miller denied the use of the tater terminology: “Okay, so I saw it and in fairness I never used” tater. “I even advised against using it on my podcast to be Looks to comment on which I think is an instant distraction. Any argument you might have about his hacking. I didn’t even use the term. “

All of this obscures the obvious that Stelter cannot innocently claim to be “mean” in his unsophisticated media analysis. Stelter’s show featured the “expert” who predicted that Trump would end up killing more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

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