Hilaria Baldwin Tandem Breastfeeds MariLu And Eduardo Like A Professional

Hilaria Baldwin has beautiful children – six to be precise. Add Alec BaldwinThe first child with Kim Basinger, model Ireland Baldwin, is a big and happy family. Although Hilaria has been embroiled in controversy over her Spanish heritage scandal, the focus has shifted to her beautiful babies and now she has two! Hilaria took a break on social media during the height of the scandal, but has since returned and filled her Instagram account with photos of her children.

No question about it, Hilaria has her hands full with two babies less than six months apart, but she has a helper and breastfeeds both babies in tandem. Hilaria’s oldest child with Alec is their seven-year-old daughter Carmen, and she loves being a big sister. In many of the photos that Hilaria shares, Carmen can be seen helping and cradling MariLu in her arms. For many mothers, juggling two babies is extremely difficult, but thanks to Hilaria’s decision to breastfeed at the same time (breastfeeding more than one child at a time), she seems to have them on the same schedule.

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Hilaria shared a photo of herself breastfeeding both babies at the same time, along with a picture of a golden retriever breastfeeding seven pups. Hilaria labeled the photo: “Ok … she wins.”

You may see below that cute photo Hilaria shared of herself breastfeeding Eduardo and MariLu.

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Hilaria has a lot of help with Carmen, who seems to be delighted with her little sister.

Here is another photo of Carmen falling in love with baby MariLu. It’s like she has her own real baby doll!

Hilaria seems to have mastered the tandem grooming and shared a photo of her little angels sleeping next to each other.

What do you think of Hilaria’s latest photos with her six children? Were you surprised when Hilaria started sharing photos of baby Eduardo with his newborn little sister MariLu?


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